Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Evening in Poznan

Wow, where has the time went? Here is is Saturday evening and we are still planning a few more stops.

We got into Poznan a little after 4pm yesterday and our distant relatives, Maria and her 2 grandchildren Marta and Dominic met us at the station. We then hopped in a cab to the Penione and proceeded to her house for an evening meal fit for many Polish kings. It was great and too much.

Today we spent the majority of the day touring Poznan, and eventually settling down for some Pivo (beer for you people on the other side) and Kulski and Perogi. EXCELLENT!!!! As close to a Wilebski family reunion as you may want to get. Of course, this is the area that the Wilebski and Janucek ancestors are from, so it does make sense.

I left Susan back at the hotel to wash out her unmentionables. Joan and Frank are with Marie and the family along with a cute blonde interpreter. The plan right now is to rent a limo and the crew head out to the 2 towns Kostwo and Szubin tomorrow. We should be back in the evening, but since it is 3hours one way, it may be all day and we may not get to both towns. Who knows what if anything we will find. But, God willing we will have pictures.

Susan and Frank continue to generate stories by the hour. But, I hate to share all of the fun with you before you see the pictures.

Wish us luck on our journey in search of the ancestors tomorrow. Oh, Kathy, we have seen a lot of Pope John Paul stuff along the route, especially in Krakow. Where he went to the seminary, his apartment beneath the castle for 20 years, etc. So, you will probably want the entire travel CD. I'll work on that some time this summer.

Hope all is well and if I don't get back to a terminal in the short term or before our departure early Wednesday, we'll catch you on the mainland....ours that is.



Kathy Wilebski Schafer said...

I am so happy for your time with Maria--she is a great person--very generous. How great to have been part of this Wielebski family reunion in Poland with her and Marta and Dominik. Your trip there will be the most memorable I have a feeling. May Frank and Antonia interceed for you and Frank and company to lead to the right places tomorrow. Thanks for the offer of your travel CD. That would be great, Fred. Godspeed.

Grandpa Jerome said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures and I am sure the stories will go on forever.

Hope to talk to you soon after you get back.

Thanks for the updates,