Monday, June 25, 2007

Praha again

Well, it's just after 11pm here in Prague, or Praha as they call it here. It was another day of travel from Posnan to Berlin and then on to Prague. Our friend Maria Wielepski came to the hotel and of course saw us off once again. In case I didn't mention it, her favorite color is pink. Hence the pink room we got in Posnan. And, she also carries around a hot pink purse entitled "Mrs. Timberlake". I have the picture.

It was a little hectic getting on the train today. Maria told us to go back and since the train was crowded, we just stood there like dummies. A kind hearted, and English speaking gentleman, helped us out and told us our seats were 4 cars back. Another fairly uneventful trip once we found our assigned seats.

The Berlin train station is beyond words. It has 5 or 6 levels and trains on each of them. Not to mention all of the shops. Quite incredible. Again, it was a crowded train and this time out we had no reservations. Eventually we moved to a spot at the end of the car where a kindly youngster beckoned us in. His cube mate however was a little grumpy. A large man that didn't really care for Susan, but seemed to be more amenable to us sharing the cubicle, finally asked us in. He and the kid got off in Dresdan, so we played pinochle all the way to Prague. If you must, I will tell you we played 2 games as we rode along the Volta River Valley. There was no repeat of that belly bumping crap we had last night. Need I say more?

It was rainy when we got into the main station a little after 8pm. We navigated the metro, tram and bus like the pros and power travelers we are. Arriving at our hotel here at the airport about 9:30pm. Susan finally pryed loose the purse strings and bought our dinner. Excellent beyond belief!!!!

Tomorrow we are uncertain of our plans. But we may sneak into the old part of town again and have an early night and perhaps some pinochle. Then back on Wednesday.

When I return I will be in better position to share with you all of the escapades from the parapeligic fan in Krakow, to the window shade episode in Posnan. And then there is the "popo" and toilet paper, for which the local remedy calls for a fruit colored yogurt. Go figure.

Now, some fellow travelers may dispute the accounts and my recollections, but I have the pictures and of course this is my blog. Stay tuned for all the gritty details as the days and weeks pass.

Live from Prague

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Grandpa Jerome said...

I can hardly wait for the stories and expecially the pictures.

So Maria wants to be a "rock Star"?
More power to her.

Travel safe and will be talking to you soon.