Friday, June 29, 2007

Another day in Prague

After a casual start on Friday viewing another park at the base of the hill, the 7 of us headed by tram to the Castle and Cathedral complex. The structures there are amazing. I believe I read in one of our guide books that you can count 600 spires as you look out over the city from this vantage point. I'm not sure you can accurately count them all in the picture I've attached, but go ahead and try. To say the views from here are awesome would be the greatest understatement since Noah said it was going to rain.

It was a hot and steamy day in the bright sun, so after watching the changing of the Czech guard at the castle, we meandered over to an adjacent cafe and yes, we had some more pivo with our lunch. We also toured the cathedral within the complex and like most of the churches and religious buildings, truly amazing.

We opted for a long walk down what are called the gardens and took in views of the city as we did. There's a nice picture of St. Joan, our travel Mother and all around good trophy bride for your viewing pleasure.

One thing that seemed to be a common theme was the lack of toilet paper. Now normally this is not an issue over here, but in Eastern Europe, it always seems to be. If you are a woman and plan to travel to that area, make sure you either pack your own preferred brand or buy some upon entry. And don't forget to take it with you when you leave your hotel. And men, if you are travelling with a woman, you will need replacement tissues also. So be aware.

One member of our travel group seemed to always be in need of tissue and therefore whenever she used the bathroom there was none left for the rest. Her complaint was that she needed a lot of tissue for her "po po". In fact, there was mention of a rash because she had to use glossy advertising paper at one point. The Czech remedy calls for a fruit flavored yogurt as a cure all. We do not believe she tried it though since the toilet paper vanished wherever she visited.

Our group again played pinochle into the night and as they say in the local paper, a good time was had by all. On tap for Saturday was a trip by our group of 7 to the brewery in Pilsen and a trip to Klenci, the land of our Bohemian ancestors.


Grandpa Jerome said...

Very good stuff. I hope you were able to take pictures in the brewery, I am sure they all smell the same though.

Very enjoyable.


Grandma said...

Beautiful scenery, and St. Joan completes the picture. I can relate to Susan's issues - it's a familial thing - and it doesn't matter if you are one of the family or married to one!

Looking forward to more pictures,

Carrie said...

YAY!! Photos!! And do you see why I can't travel??? I would FOR SURE be the one with "PoPo" Issues!!

:) Cousin Carrie