Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The descendants return

It's just before 6am on Wednesday here and the majority of us have been up for hours in preparation for our 9:35am flight to Amsterdam. There we catch a plane back to Minneapolis and arrive about 4pm if memory serves me.

We did connect with Nancy Hugg and friends yesterday for lunch and Pivo. A little more shopping and pinochle at the hotel. Only one small incident where I crashed into a small barricade of Pilsnew Urell glasses that Susan had erected in my path. There was no charge for the breakage.

Susan and Frank continued their ongoing banter about the trip. Susan about how comfortable she was in terms of temperatures all along, how the table we played cards on was nice and slippery, the way she liked it, and of course the weather and life in general. Tough to beat travelling companions like that. (talk to me in person for the details on this line of crap).

Our trip matriarch continues to look after us at every turn. I could pass along a few humorous and somewhat embarrassing moments, but then again given all she has endured on this trip from the 3 of us, why bother?

All in all, another great trip. Susan and I have been discussing a 2 person rate at Hazeltine and Weight Watchers. I'll let you know how that works out upon our return.

Catch you back in the land of cottage cheese and Ry-Krisp soon.



Grandpa Jerome said...

You are back, where are the pictures you have been promising?


Sue said...

Anyone that wants to travel over the big pond must go with Fred , Frank and Joan They are the most gracious and patient people I know ! It was a trip of a lifetime for me that I will never forget. I thank Fred for being my porter , Frank for fixing things I broke and Joan for being my mommy.
If you want to know the truth about the trip PLEASE hear my version, after all Fred does exaggerate a bit ( ? ) Ha Ha
I couldn't have been that bad cuz they asked me to go again !!