Monday, June 25, 2007

Going to Berlin


Well, yesterday was tiring and to speak. That is if you count all the graveyards and markers we saw.

We rented a limo and driver and the 4 of us, along with Maria and her grandson Dominic went out for a drive. Our first stop was great grandmad Januzik's birthplace. The town is called Kostow, or something like that. We found the church and the graveyard. We were lucky enough to get some pictures and we did find a half dozen Januziks buried there. One most certainly was a sister to Antonia. We were very pleased.

As we headed for a bathroom, we noticed a sign for Glesno. Since this one comes up often in our research, we made a sidetrip there also. The church was locked up but we did the cemetary tour. No Januziks or Wilebskis to be found.

The next stop was Szubin. Another very very large cemetary. No Wilebskis or Januziks. Several more towns where the Soberaski family was from, but no additional grave markers with family. so, our success was mixed.

On the way to Maria's daughter's place in the country, we drove through the oldest forest in Poland. They claim there are oak trees there that are a thousand years old. Could be true, or just more Polish pride showing through.

Another meal with the family and we made it back to the Pension just after 8pm. So, another very long day. No mishaps to speak of and we did get the grand tour of our homeland.

In this part of Poland, it is not quite as easy to get our English across. So, it's been a little challengin.

We head for Berlin this morning, in about another hour. We packed a picnic lunch, based on the leftovers they fed us for breakfast. HUGE breakfasts here and delicious and filling. Today is was polish sausage wrapped in bacon. Along with cold sausages, cheese. A vegetable salad and many breads. Oy Vay!

Susan wishes to do more shopping in Berlin, so if our next post is without her in the group, you'll know what happened. FYI, Frank and I gave Susan and the trophy bride a couple of mercy wins at pinochle last night. Needless to say, people that aren't accustomed to winning are definitely not gracious about winning. Frank and I have decided to never let it happen again.

And there you go. Hope to talk to you again from Prague. We are really starting to tire and are all looking forward to our return.


Grandpa Jerome said...

Thanks for the updates.

We check for them every day.


Kathy Wilebski Schafer said...

The village Kosztowo is the Januzik family's home parish. Glesno didn't have any Januziks on the LDS film for that parish--only Catharina's (Antonia's sister)marriage record. I did see the Budnik name however on the LDS films for Glesno. Budnik is Antonia's mother's maiden name. Do you recall seeing any gravestones with the name Budnik on the headstones in Glesno?
So no Wilebski's in the cemetary in Szubin. I will expect not to find them on the LDS films for Szubin which I ordered. I wonder if the LDS film for Slupy (Szubin district)which contains the village of Ciezkowo will uncover any Wilebski's. That would be where Maria Wilebski, Franceszek's mother, whose maiden name was Donajkoska was listed. We will see when they arrive. I will let you know after I finish with the films at the museum. Wish I could have been with you all in that cemetary in Kosztowo.