Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It it's Tuesday this must be Krakow???

June 19, 2007

Afternoon from Krakow. So much to tell, so little time. Many stories and of course the one you will probably be hearing about for years to come will be Susan's "popo" and ongoing toilet paper issue. Frank will be able to explain it upon our return.

Alas, I have hundreds of pictures, but at this particular shop, they don't have the apparatus to pop in my card from the camera. And that's another story.

Let's start with Prague. A gorgeous city to say the least. Very old and historic. Our crew made it out to Klenci (the ancestral village of the Robels) on Saturday. What a great place. We have a few pictures, but the memories of the scenery will probably stick in our minds.

We've been winding up most nights with pinochle. I think Sue finally one a mercy game on Sunday evening before we left. Thank God or we would still be in the room playing cards.

Our visit to Prague was really wonderful since Nancy Hugg is there for a couple more weeks and she brought us to everything. Just can't thank her enough. again, many pictures to share.

We took the train on Monday morning and arrived here in Krakow just before 6pm. We were pretty bushed and went across the street for dinner an a drink. Bedtime was soon thereafter.

Today we just walked around the city center and clicked off more pictures. We did make it to Pope John Paul's apartment here along with where he always waved to the crowds at the seminary where he got his education.

The beer is great, as if you had to guess.

The birding has been a little bit of a bust, but then again we have been in the city primarily. Although we did tour the largest cemetary in Prague on Sunday also. There I was able to pick up a couple of life listers. One we ID'd for sure was a Jay. And that is what they call it, but it sure doesn't look like any we have across the pond.

We all seem to be in good shape, except for the patriarch. He keeps having to have his little naps. Maybe this is close to the end of his travelling days. Who knows. Susan is enjoying the trip as here eyes are always looking up and around. In fact, she must be amazed since this is the quietest I have ever seen her.

Joan is her usual cordial self....nothing more to that story.

Jim and Sheila are a treat. Jim has actually done a lot of research on both locales and we have another resident guide as we tour all the places. Guess all that money we paid him paid off.

Personally I have gain approximately 10 pounds with another few days to go. I will have to dig out those fat clothes I have packed away somewhere. We are not starving by the way in case I did not mention it.

We plan to take a side trip out to the country where Frank's Mother's family is from. Then in another 3 days we are heading to Poznan. There we will meet up with a Wilebski relative. At that point our trip is somewhat free form, since we need to be back in Prague on Tuesday to catch the plane out on Wednesday morning.

I will try and pass along more info. as English internet terminals are available. Thanks for Joey and Peggy and Lon for passing along the blog link.


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Grandpa Jerome said...

Thanks for the pictures and updates of your trip to Eastern Europe, we really enjoy the updates.

Tell Hugg when you see her, if she would have been a blonde in High School, she would have had a different fate in life.

Your Cousin,