Thursday, June 21, 2007

On to Poznan


Well, it's been another few hectic days. Hot and sticky here, but he Tyskie beer is helpful. Other than Sue's "popo" issues and her destroying the fan in our room, all seems to be going well. We have this great restaurant across from our B&B where we seem to eat each nite. Great food and the prices are incredible...yes, coming from me you know it is cheap.

Yesterday we did a tour of the Salt mines and stopped at the Oscar Schindler factory on the way back. Both good choices, although we opted out of the Black Madonna and the Dachau tour.

Today it was out in the country side to see where Frank's Grandmother Gorka came from. We toured the church and cemetary.

Tomorrow morning we head out of Krakow early and are on our way to Poznan. There we plan to meet up with what we believe to be distant cousins. A gal named Maria Wielepski and her family. We have 3 days there. I'll let you know how it plays out if we can find the internet terminals.

As far as pictures, I have a bunch, but they may have to wait until I return.

All is well here and we continue to "power" travel.


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Kathy Wilebski Schafer said...

Too bad you are only a week in Poland--there is so much to see and do to have to pick some things and leave out others. There is always another time I suppose. What village was Frank's Grandma Gorka from? How far from Krakow?