Sunday, February 10, 2008

Simon Wielebski and Marianna Donajkoska marriage record

Another artifact along with the translation from Kathy. This one is the marriage record for Simon and Marianna Wielebski
Year and Day of Marriage-- Feb. 20, 1843
Name of Priest performing Marriage--Antonius Ryttersky?
Name of the Couple and Location --Simon Wielebski and Marianna Donajkoska
?? In relation to parents--juveniles (meaning young man, youth)
Age of man --28
Age of woman --21
Consent of parent/guardian--parents
Dates proclaiming banns of marriage-- 5, 12 (Dec. 5) 19, 2 (Feb. 19)
Witnesses to the marriage--Valentinus Dunelski??
Michael Bettu ?? (writing is illegible)

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Kelli said...

Hello...I'm doing some genealogy research and I believe that Simon and Marianna are my great great great grandparents (unless there are more than one :)) Do you have anymore information on them?

Thank you!