Saturday, February 9, 2008

Franceszek's Birth Record

I also wanted to pass along "Frank's" birth record which Kathy found shortly after we returned from Poland. As you have gathered from reading the blog post of that trip, we did get a chance to visit the village of his wife, Antonia Januzek. Frank's place of birth was not very far away, but alas we did not have the information during the trip.

Also, we did visit another neighboring town where Marianna Donajkoska was born. Again, all within 15 miles of each other.

I guess this is pointing to another trip back there to visit the ancestral villages. We'll see.

Zelazno (Z with a slash) is the village listed as Franceszek's baptismal village which I found today. I went to the museum and two films were in and I slowly viewed the first one which took 3 hours. Then the second one I noticed Joannes Wyliebski and Catherina Lewandowska and photocopied that since these names were given to me in the Dalke information from Wisconsin Wielebski's. So I thought could this be the film they are on and I fast forwarded to 1854 to November 15 and there was a Franciscus but the second page was missing. I scrolled forward a number of frames and the other torn page was there and there were the parents names Simon Wilebski and Marianna Donajkoska. I was so excited that I found the certificate--FINALLY! On this reel it is funny almost all the different spellings of the name Wilebski that we have seen I think are on it. I have to go back and spend another days work on it. I have it until August 19 in Roseau. I ordered another one also which I have until August 22 for the same area Sadki (Sadke). So I will see what more I can find.
There was only 45 minutes for me until I had to pick up Katie at school so I wasn't able to do an extensive view today of this reel. I found Franceszek, Thomas and a child born inbetween Thomas and Francescek names Michael. But not John, Peter or Agnes. So they must have lived in some other village first before they were here. But I'm happy that we found Franceszek at any rate. _____________________________________________________________________________________

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