Saturday, February 9, 2008

Antonia Januzek's birth record

Here is the birth record of great grandma Antonia Januzek with translation of Polish again by Kathy Schafer.
First half of document:

The first 7 is the number of entry, the i.d. is the repeat or ibid. sign for the month of January recorded above,
Day 17, Hour 1 noctis (means 1 in the night) all referring to date and time the child was born.

The next two columns indicate if it is a boy or a girl born-- the first half a legitimate boy child, the second half, an illegitimate boy child. Second column, first half--a legitimate girl child, the second half, an illegitimate girl child. The priest has numbered each individual column for the month. So Antonina is the 4th legitimate girl born in the month of January. Boys in January are counted separately. Apparently, those who died at birth as in the girl entry above Antonina were not numbered.

Name of the place from where they came -- Kosztowo. The day of baptism -- 17 January.
Name of the recipient of baptism --Antonina.
Column off the end of the page is ibid. of the name of the priest written above performing the baptism.

2nd half of document:

The married name and the maiden name of the father and the mother --Thomas Januzyk and Marianna Budnik.

Religion of father and of mother -- Catholic.
Society status and profession of father -- auriga means charioteer.
Name and society status of Godparents-- Michael Malich, col. (abbreviation for colonus which means farmer) and Hedwig Buchholz? or a feminine form of Budnik??? fam. (within the family?)
Possibly Hedwig Buchholz was correct and not a form of Budnik, her occupation being within the family but not necessarily of the Budnik family.

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