Saturday, February 9, 2008

Simon Wilebski's birth record from October 1815

Here's another document which I may have passed along to a few of you. It is the birth record of Simon Wilebski, who is Frank Wilebski's father. That would be my great great grandfather.

The translation provided by Kathy (Wilebski) Schafer is also included. Without her diligence, help and contacts, I don't know where we would be in this quest. Mega thanks again Kathy for making this a reality.

You may also notice that Simon's parents are listed, that of Casper Wielebski and his wife Margaretha Nawrot, who are my great great great grandparents, and yours of course too. Note he was a shephard. The previous post includes their marriage record.

FYI, this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Kathy has researched many of the LDS films that were a part of the Poznan project. And we have records regarding many many more of the Wielebski clan from Poland and those that came to the new country. Stay tuned and again hats off to Kathy.

Anno Millesimo Octingentiesimo Decimoquinto-- In the year 1815

die vigisima secunda Octobris -- day 22 October

Ego Caspar Crzembke, Vicarius Ecclesiae Parochiales Jutrosimensis -- Casper Crzembke, Vicar of the Ecclesial Parish of Jutrosin

baptisavi Infantem nomine --baptized/baptism of the infant named

Simonem -- Simon

Caspari Wielebski, Ovilionis, et Margariltrae de Nawrot
-- Caspar Wielebski, shepherd and Margaretha Nawrot

legitimorum Conjugum filium de villa Pawlowo --
legitimate union family from/of village Pawlowo

Patrini fuere -- Godparents
Laurentius Wielebski et Marianna Nawrotowa de villa Pawlowo --
Laurenty Wielebski and Mariianna Nawrot of village Pawlowo

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