Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks Mom!!

On my last trip to the Northland, Mother and I went for a little drive around the country. Our last destination of the day was Florian. I of course wanted to see if the last marker was in place. As we headed South, Mother remarked how the last time she remembers being at Florian was when Dad played softball. Guess that would be a mere 70 or so years ago by my calculation.

Upon arriving at the Florian cemetery, we saw the marker for Antonia was placed and the extra etching on the "front" side was completed. So, for all intents and purposes we have finally accomplished what we set out to do about 15 years ago.

FYI, the final bill for the 2 markers came to $6,217.81. I did receive about $150 extra from various cousins as a result of the flowers for Aunt Ella's funeral. And, most recently (last week), I received a contribution from Mother in the amount of $500. I also believe a portion of the reunion fund will go toward reimbursement of these costs. But, that is up to the current holders of the funds, Peggy and Joey.

Any interest in trying to do something similar for Frank's brother Peter and his wife who are buried in Kroze. Or something a little more elaborate for Grandma Mary Wilebski? Let me know, and of course open the checkbook.


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