Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lazy Sunday in Prague

By the 17th, Father's day back home, we were just into our 6th day of "vacation" and already we were starting to get a little tired. Knowing we were headed to Krakow, Poland on Monday, we tried for a somewhat relaxing down day in Prague.

We started the day by visiting perhaps what is the largest graveyard in the city. As weird as it sounds, it was a pretty intriguing little jaunt. Actually, Saint Joan tries to get in a visit to one of these on most all of her trips abroad. It's always interesting to see how elaborate some of the family crypts are, how well they are maintained and the certain nuances that are evident in each country. Little did we know this would be the start of many visits to graveyards. But, it was all good.

As most of you know, I'm an amateur birder and I try to get in a few hours or a day of birding wherever I go. So, this venue inside a major city such as Prague was great from that perspective. I got several new birds on the list from this location alone. One being a Green Woodpecker and also a European Jay.

Nancy once again guided us on our exploits. Based on our comments about how long some of the escalators were in the Metro, she brought us to the longest one. I have a picture (bad as far as people) that gives you an indication how long they are. On our first ride up and down, the majority of us got somewhat sick.....really!

We ended back in Old Town again and as we were heading back to the Hanna's B&B for the day, we noticed a couple who had apparently overindulged in Pivo and were taking a little Siesta. Another memory of a great city.

Packing and planning for our next destination of Krakow on Monday morning.


Grandpa Jerome said...

Great stuff, love the pictures and the stories.

I didn't realize Susie was so international. Good picture of the sleeping brewery worker.

Looking forward to more posts.

I hope you got a good picture of our distant relative in Poland.


Fred from the far North said...


Yes to Susan being an international traveler. I suggested she start providing her guide service for others. Given her current job situation, it may just be a great alternative.

And, yes I do have pictures of our "cousins". They will be coming when we get to Posnan.

Loretta said...

I've been checking in to read all about the adventures of the fabulous four. Very interesting!
It appears that St. Joan has earned her crown.
Looking forward to the next chapter of the journal.

Sue said...

Somewhere was left out that one of us got shit on by a pidgeon !! the one that most deserved it...
It wasn't Me or Joan or Fred !! funniest thing I ever saw